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The COVID-19 Marine World

The Maritime Industry has taken several big hits in the past  months and we are working on providing the best solutions for you.

ARK Marine Consultancy has conducted a Market Research Survey of the Marine Industry to investigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Marine Operations. We have published a short White Paper on the subject as a result of our research. Please click on the below button to read the article on our LinkedIn page. If you have any questions or queries, or wish to work with us on similar research projects please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Thermographic Analysis (3rd April 2020)

Heat emission by mechanical and electrical machinery is undesirable but inevitable in most situations.

Why not use this heat signature to map the health of equipment on board vessels? Minimise heat losses, enhance savings and improve sustainable reliability.

Featuring the third star in our Condition Based Monitoring portfolio: Thermal Analysis. Thermography relies on the heat signatures emitted by all electrical and mechanical equipment during operations. It is an extremely versatile non contact tool which can be applied to live equipment on board a ship. Effective use of this technique to create thermal maps allows our engineers to pinpoint areas of concern and make specific recommendations to the crew to prevent failure of an item.

The technology is reliable and if used in conjunction with our Ultrasound Analysis, can lead to accurate predictions. So please reach out if you wish to learn more and maintain your cool even when things get hot!


Vibration Analysis  (21st March 2020)

Do you have a finger on the pulse of your vessel?

Vibration energy emitted by onboard equipment can be used positively as a robust and reliable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance tool. It is a proven, reliable technique for identifying the operational health of any machinery or system on board the vessel and is an effective early warning system which transcends the limitations of planned and time bound maintenance.

At ARK Marine Consultancy, the asset reliability solutions offered by our experienced marine engineers with expertise in Vibration Technology and other CM techniques makes the difference. So allow us to take the tremble out of the rumble, reduce your vessel OPEX and ensure higher reliability in your vessel operations.

Ultrasound Analysis (12th March 2020)

Do you hear your vessel speaking to you?

Machinery on board is continuously giving off hints to its operational status and health, but detecting these hints proactively is the challenge, and we have the perfect solution!
ARK Marine Consultancy has pioneered the revolutionary Ultrasound Analysis technology which maps high frequency sound waves emitted by various equipment to determine their operational condition and suggest predictive maintenance solutions. It is presently the most effective early warning system to indicate operational deviations and improve Asset Reliability.

Full Acoustic Mapping of vessels major rotating equipment in conjunction with other methods of Condition Monitoring are helping our customers save costs, reduce commercial delays and ensure safer vessel operations!

If you want to learn more and are keen on applying this technology to your fleet of vessels, please reach out to us