CSR Initiative

ARK Marine Consultancy has started a CSR initiative in Pune to help the needy during the present COVID 19 situation.

Our team has distributed/served close to 350 meals/meal packets to homeless people, Street children, 2 Old age homes, and 3 orphanages over the last month. We distributed a week’s groceries to impoverished families of the Katkari Tribe – who live off the land, in a remote hilly area and visited a residential primary school in the area which supports children of socially victimized women and convicts.

Most of these institutions do not have access to adequate financial assistance to manage the wellbeing of their residents and fulfill their purpose.

The warm smiles and the sincere gratitude of the recipients towards this simple act of kindness enhance our joy of spending some time, sharing, and caring for these people and continues to inspire us.

This initiative has been spearheaded by Ms. Bhanu and supported by Rajesh and Vishal. Bhanu continues to inspire and motivate us with her dogged determination and her selfless service.

We continue to find more sustainable means of helping others and are presently trying to find a solution to manage the food requirements of an Orphanage for a complete year and to assist a tribal school to become self-sufficient in their water requirements

Just a small token of giving back to society.